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The current version is 2.0.1
Release date: 2012-07-22

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freedb_cache is a freedb client, implemented as perl module to replace and enhance the older "CDDB_get" module.
Beside the functionality of CDDB_get, it support a local cache directory. So you need only one server access per audio cd, as all further queries for the same cd can be answered by the cache entries without further network connections.
freedb_cache has an enhanced interface providing more data as CDDB_get. It fully complies with the freedb database format and the current level 6 of the cddb-protocol. So you get access to all information in a freedb entry (including "extended" data) and all data is processed and returned in Unicode (UTF-8) to simplify handling of localized titles. was tested with:

System Requirements

You need Perl (version 5.8.x or newer).

Restrictions and known bugs

freedb_cache doesn't support freedb databases in windows format. Only the current level 6 of the cddb-protocol is supported
Automatic updates of the freedb-entries (in the local cache with newer revisions from a freedb server) are not possible (yet) with this client.

Bug reports, comments, ...

Please let me know, if you encounter problems with textconv.
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