Copyright © 2000 Michel Messerschmidt
This program is freeware (see license.txt for details).


The current version is 0.17
Release date: 12.12.2000

Download micedit.zip  [43 kB]

What is MicEdit ?

MicEdit is a small editor that was written in Java.
Since it is written in Java, it should (in theory) run on all platforms that support java. MicEdit was tested on:

System Requirements

You will need the "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) 1.2 or a later version.
The current JRE from Sun is available for Solaris, Windows and Linux.


On windows systems you can also use "javaw" instead of "java" to avoid the Dos-window.
Since JRE 1.3 Jar-files are registered with the "javaw" command, so doubleclicking (or right click and selecting 'execute') on the file micedit.jar should also work.

Why is it not open source ?

I wrote this to get some practice in java programming, not for daily work. In fact, I regard the source code not good enough for publishing and I won't spend any more time on this code.

Bug reports, comments, ...

Please let me know, if you encounter problems with MicEdit.
Just send a mail to: www@michel-messerschmidt.de

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