Anti-Malware / Anti-Virus

In my diploma thesis I worked on the creation of an xml-based report standard to classify malware. There is a separate page with more information about the thesis and the "Software Classification Language".

My bachelor thesis ("Analysis of the aVTC tests and improvements to the test evaluation") is also available here (but only in german): [PDF - 209kB, PS - 197kB] ("aVTC" is the antiVirusTestCenter at the University of Hamburg).
There exists an addditional presentation at the project seminar (in german) [PDF - 456kB].
The test evaluation program avtctest was created as part of this thesis.

I did a special anti-malware test together with Jan Seedorf, Heiko Fangmeier and Fabian Müller about the level of suport of compression formats by anti-malware-products.
This test was the base for our paper "Risks of non-detection of compressed malware" at the DIMVA conference 2004presentation slides [PDF - 250kB], paper [PDF - 195kB, published in LNI series P-46, © 2004 Gesellschaft für Informatik].


Finally I managed to publish this introduction into electronic signatures [PDF - 351kB, german] I held in 2006.

A short introduction about using cryptography for secure communication (but only in german).


Information about the "Trusted Computing Platform Alliance" and the "Trusted Computing Group" can be found on a separate page.

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