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This program is licensed under the GNU General Public Licence (GPL)
(see gpl2.txt for details).


The current version is 1.4
Release date: 10.11.2002

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What is textconv ?

textconv is a perl script, that detects and changes the end-of-line characters used in text files.
This is useful for exchanging files between different operating systems, since each system has its own way:
Unix systems mark the line-end with the character 0A (hexadeximal).
Windows systems mark the line-end with the characters 0D 0A (hexadeximal).
Macintosh systems mark the line-end with the character 0D (hexadeximal).

textconv was tested with:

System Requirements

You need Perl (version 5.x)

Restrictions and known bugs

Only textfiles can be processed by textconv.
Textconv only handle text encodings with 8-bit characters.
Don't convert files with unicode encodings like UTF-16 or UTF-32 because textconv might destroy the file (UTF-8 is an 8-bit encoding and should be no problem).

Bug reports, comments, ...

Please let me know, if you encounter problems with textconv.
Just send a mail to: www@michel-messerschmidt.de

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