Descent 3 - Cheatcodes

In Descent 3 Setup, you can choose your keyboard (english/german).
These codes are based on the GERMAN keyboard. If you're using an english keyboard, try to exchange 'y' and 'z'.
These cheats work in the full version of the game
BURGERGOD invulnerability [ON/OFF]
TESTICUS invisibility [ON/OFF]
IVEGOTIT all weapons & full ammo
TREESQUID complete levelmap
DEADOFNIGHT destroy all robots in mine
TUBERACER selfdestruction
MORECLANG level warp
FRAMETIME shows current fps (frames per second) [ON/OFF]
RAMETIME like FRAMETIME (but said to work in the demo version)
SHANANIGANS fills all Textures with random bits (looks funny) [ON/OFF]
DTEXTURE like SHANANIGANS (but said to work in the demo version)
These cheats are said to work in the demo version (not tested).
Don't use them in the full version or you end up with 1% Energy and 1% Shield !!!
FREEITUP destroys all enemies
MPIEBEST all weapons & full ammo
MYFONYON invulnerability
PHRODITE invisibility (no effect in the full version)
ONGCHIMP chase view [ON/OFF]

(tested with Descent 3 - german full version 1.0.2, 1.4.0)

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